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Home Buyers say "keep it clean" or 60% of them will walk!

October 08, 2014

Energy efficiency and cleanliness are among the most important factors for Canada’s homebuyers. That’s according to the Home Critics Survey published by realtors Century 21. The poll also found that 40 per cent of buyers are looking for a property that fits with a lifestyle change, with millennials more concerned about how much space they are buying and baby boomers more interested about how the space is used and the neighbourhood the property is in.

Sixty per cent of respondents say they would be put off a property if it wasn’t clean; double the number who would walk away due to water damage.

Sometimes I can talk until I'm blue in the face but some sellers don't appreciate the fact that a quick coat of paint and a bit of scrubbing can go along way.

Seller or Tenant occupied (cluttered/dirty) suites can be difficult and many times sellers can leave $5,000-$15000+ (typical $350-$400K condo) on the table if they refuse to(or unable to) take the few small steps.

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